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History – 1877


In 1872, the National University of CĂłrdoba, appointed Dr. Henry Weyenberg as a professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at the School of Natural, Physics and Mathematic Sciences, created by Sarmiento.

A law of Sept. 27th., 1877, created the School of Medicine and Dr. Weyenberg was its first Dean and the sole Professor of Anatomy and Histology.

In the first year of this School, Dr. Weyenberg began his lectures on March 11th., with 42 pupils; he developed the theme: “Relationship among the Sciences” and the text-book adopted was the Anatomy by Fort.

Very soon Dr. Weyenberg published his book “Human Anatomy” which was printed on account of the University.

His teaching methods were those of the viennese school where Dr. HYRTL was, (the most eminent anatomist of those times).





In 1878 Dr. Weyenberg conceived the idea of an amphitheatre of anatomy which began working beside the San Roque Hospital until the opening of the University Hospital in 1913.

So the Museum of Anatomy was founded in 1878.

It only had a skeleton lent by the Monserrat School, nine preparations given by RodrĂ­guez de la Torre, some bones selected in the school of Medicine, other bones from the San JerĂłnimo Cementery, and anatomic atlas and nine illustrations.


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