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History – 1892


An inventory made in December 1892, showed that the museum had a collection of bones and 80 anatomic preparations and plastics.

Until 1924 the museum had not advanced very much for want of a technician to guide the Institute and to teach the secrets of the anatómical techniques.

The source was Europe.
Since 1924 the 1928 a prominent psychiatrist, professor León S. Morra was the School’s Dean.
In 1925 two very well-known professors, doctor G. Martínez and M. Alliaga went to Europe, and Dr. Morra knowing the problems of the Institute, asked them to search for some eminent anatomist in Spain in order to contract him.

In Sevilla they attended at an exhibition of anatomical preparations made by Dr. Pedro Ara a young professor who was already famous.

He accepted the contract made by the authorities of the University and thanks to Dr. Morra, every thing was quickly done.


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