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History – 1925


In that year, 1925, Dr. Ara began working in CĂłrdoba and very soon, thanks to his experience and to the excellent qualities of his anatĂłmical techniques, perfect anatomical pieces were the basis of an authentic museum.

Professor Ara acted as a real teacher. He trained very good disciples by teaching them the difficult methods of his preparations and by guiding young and competent students towards anatomy.

Professor Humberto Fracassi was his successor since 1933 to 1955.

At the end of 1932 he returned to his country to be not only a professor, but also the vice-dean of the School of Medicine of Madrid.

By 1933 the museum had many important preparations which were the result of Dr. Ara’s and his pupils’ personal work.

Professor Fracassi, who has been one of his prominent assistants, held to the same tenacity and rhythm of working in order to increase the material of the Museum.

By that time, the museum was installed in a big and adequated room that belonged to the University Hospital.
It was on the first floor of its frontal wing.


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