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History – 1955


In 1955, when Dr. Fracassi retired, Professor Ángel R. Suárez was his successor. He had improved his knowledge with his teacher, Doctors Ara and Fracassi, who taught him the anatómical techniques. He worked hard and his efforts were crowned with a new buildlng set up on the north side of the Hospital, next to the “Río Suquía”.

In 1955 Professor Dr. Antonio Juaneda was Provisional Director of Clinical Hospital.

In the side of river near the Hospital, lived very poor people in precarious houses.

Dr. Juaneda got the translation of that people to another places and did to clean, to lay out that land for a new building of Anatomy Department.
This action deserves the recognition to this Professor who rendered possible to make that important complex and hard work.

In 1962, they began to work at the new Institute of Anatomy, a place fit to that kind of work.
The Institute progressed constantly.
This progress arrived to its highest leveI in 1972, when the Institute had more than 1.100 preparations on exhibition.

In 1969, Professor Suárez died being still young, and the directors of the Institute and the Museum were succesively: Prof. Román E. Giménez in 1969; Prof. Pedro. E. Olivares in 1970, and Prof. Oscar Antonio in 1971.

After the year 1971, it takes place called contest and reassumes the Direction the Prof. Olivares, who practises until the year 1987.


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