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After retiring Prof. Dr. César Arànega, assumes the museum address the Vice-Chair until then, Prof. Dr. Carlos Sánchez Carpio, who serves until today.

In February 2014 he became Managing Director of the Museum Dr. Esteban Jauregui, Prof. Competitive Holder of the Chair of Normal Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences – UNC.


In this moment, the Museum’s role is very important, but it could be more interesting. If the Museum increases the work, the results will be better. All of them must be for all the students, graduated and general public.

Together with a strong projection regarding the local, national and international tourism as an additional activity.

At the moment, between 2.500 secondary students and general public visit the Museum during the year. Other 600 students prepare Anatomy as progressive and obligatory activity,and 150 assistants students, rentier and attaché work there as tutor.


> History – 1877

> History – 1892

> History – 1925

> History – 1955

> History – 1987

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