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Museums Program, National University of Cordoba

The Program of Museums of the National University of Cordova, created by Resolution 386/08 of the Honourable Top Advice of the National University of Cordoba, takes as a principal aim the promotion of the development of the university museums in integral form.

The Program tends to develop and stimulate the areas of preservation of the collections, the investigation on the topics that are of competition of the museums, the exhibition of his heritage, the accomplishment of educational not formal actions, and any other pertinent activity to the functions museolĂłgicas university.

Particularly, the Program proposes to offer scientific education to the community, for which develops in an articulated way a set of activities of opened character and irrestricto, directed the whole company. The being activities museolĂłgicas is outlined by the centralidad of the original objects of scientific and cultural value that the museums guard as part of his heritage, what they are contextualizados in the exhibitions and other products museographic typical of they.

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