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International Museum Day


The Museums of the UNC will present diverse activities to celebrate next May 18 the ” International Day of the Museums “. Inaugurations of Samples, holding a permit Visits, Contests, documentary Videos, they are some of the activities foreseen for this day and for every May.

This celebration has his origin in the Crusade of the Museums, informative campaign organized in 1951 as the UNESCO and the ICOM, with the intention of creating conscience of the relevant paper that corresponds to the museums in the SOCIETY. In the year of 1977, during the Conference XII General of the ICOM in Leningrad, and considering that initiative, it was restored on May 18 as a significant date in which the nations join in a luck of holiday of the museums.

Latin America is represented in the ICOM, by means of 21 nations, between them Mexico, which has had an active participation in the ICOM across his National Committee. Between the multiple tasks of diffusion and linking of the professionals of the museums, the ICOM-Mexico realizes year with year a program of activities dedicated to the celebration of the International Day of the Museums.

The celebration of the International Day of the Museums is an excellent opportunity to propitiate the revaluation of the museums as spaces of culture.


7 on May 11, from 9 to 12 | Exhibition of “The beam of His”, prepared realized by the teacher Pedro Ara to give his first lessons in the Chair of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in the first year of demurrage in the city of Cordoba.

On May 18, at 10 a.m. | Ceremony of receipt of the donation of ” Child’s Head ” with the same technique of parafinado of ” old man’s Head “, exposed in the Museum, work realized by the Prof. Dr. Pedro Olivares in the years of his management like the director of the Anatomical Museum, to compare the oldness with the childhood. Direction: Chubut 419, B º Alberdi.

Chronogram of Activities of the Museums of the UNC

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